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  The Retail Academy Global is to facilitate a broadening of the local understanding of ‘the retail sector’. The Retail Academy Global is keen to show that a career in retail can be exciting and very diverse, offering many opportunities to progress to senior management and leadership positions. A retail-led recovery from the current world-wide global recession has been forecasted and significant expansion in the retail sector in Kuwait is highly likely. More shopping precincts, more outlets and more jobs, means growth in employment opportunities, and such growth requires trained and motivated personnel.

The Retail Academy Global was established in May 2010, to join the The British Global Institute for Training and Education (BITE). All brought by the mother company Human Resource Development Global(HRD Global).
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Courses & Programes
  Retail Induction Program
  Retail Induction Program This course is designed to provides new retail professionals to the Details.
  Certificate II in Retail
  Certificate II in Retail This qualification provides the skills and  Details.
  Certificate I in Retail Services
  Certificate I in Retail Services This qualification provides the foundation skills and knowle Details.
  Diploma of Retail Management
  Diploma of Retail Management This qualification provides skills and knowledge required by tho Details.
  Certificate IV in Retail Management
  Certificate IV in Retail Mnagement This qualification provides the skills  Details.
  Certificate III in Retail
  Certificate III in Retail This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individ Details.
  Retail Corporate Short Programs
  Retail Corporate Short Programs The Retail Academy has a large selection of Retail Industry p Details.
  Young Shopper
  Young Shopper This new course is designed to provide young shoppers with an orientation progr Details.